We are committed to creating an extraordinary environment for kids (and adults) to get hands-on with their food.  Our beautiful farm offers the perfect setting for outdoor farm-to-table cooking classes.  We offer a supportive and fun environment by providing a forum for outdoor and farm related experiences where the combination of practical skills paired with creativity, imagination, and nutrition are at the forefront.   

Students in this Kids Cooking Series gain a better understanding of what food is through harvesting the ingredients themselves, then learning how to prepare them right on the farm.  From picking berries and gathering eggs to harvesting flowers to set the table, visiting the pigs and more, kids get excited about the full circle that is our food system.

Through teaching our youth both where their food comes from and how they can grow and prepare it, we empower them to become more self-reliant and inspired. 

We are Niki and Michelle Harris, co-owners of California Heritage farms and mothers to 7 awesome kids, ages 1-11 years.  Michelle is a Registered Dietician and works throughout the region to educate children and parents on the importance of nutrition in our youth.  Both Michelle and Niki are passionate about the power of food as fuel for our bodies, medicine, comfort, inspiration, creativity, and connection to people and the land.  

Our goal is to help build a generation of young adults with the skills, abilities and confidence to create meaningful lives and make positive change

Kids Summer Cooking Series, ages 8 - 12 + Little Sibs Workshop
Dates: July 15, July 22, July 29, + August 5

Time: 9am-11:30
Price: $125 per child
Location: 7715 Eastside Rd. Fort Jones, CA 96032


  • Hands-on farm and food instruction
  • Basic kitchen skill development
  • Recipe practice
  • Social interaction around the table
  • Little Sibs workshop for the younger siblings of the registered students that want to get involved, too, but aren't quite old enough  
  • Family BBQ lunch after class on the last day of the series (August 5) 
  • Kids' personal kitchen toolkit to take home

Click below to register now! Spaces are limited. Upon registration, you will receive a welcome email with the request to fill out a simple questionnaire so we can learn more about your child and prepare you with some basic information.  Cheers!