Cheers to good food.

U pick Berry patch - farm stand - pasture raised pork


We are stewards of the land. We work hard to maintain harmony between the dirt under our boots, the animals that sustain us, and a lifestyle we feel proud of.

We love what we do.


We believe that great food doesn't start in the kitchen.  Great food starts with warm sunshine, green grass, and clean water, then curated by the farmer who feeds the animal, nurtures the land, and harvests the bounty.

When food is raised as nature intended, a great meal is sure to follow.

Our pasture-raised heritage pork is GMO-free, antibiotic free, and growth stimulant free. With plenty of room to root and roam, our animals truly only have "one bad day.โ€ We promise you the highest quality pork, raised with integrity and impeccable standards in humane animal treatment and environmental stewardship. Cheers to good food.



(530) 598-7457



7715 Eastside Rd.
Fort Jones, CA 96032





U-pick strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, + flowers! 
Open June-October 7 days a week 8am-8pm

Join us in beautiful Scott Valley!
7715 Eastside Rd. Fort Jones, CA 96032

Berry Patch 101 (click here!)


We are excited to share more information about our on-farm innovative learning co-op, Farm School. Learn more by visiting:

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