The Harris Family

Here's the whole gang!  Right now, there are nine Harris kiddos ranging in age from under one year to eight years old. It's a busy bunch! Jim and Rich are full time in charge of the day-to-day farm operations with Jim heading up the hay management, Rich leading the pig side, and the two co-managing the cattle.  Preston has brought multiple land-management projects to the farm that focus on land sustainability, water management, and balancing natural habitats with agriculture needs.  He is now working full time for the Scott River Trust and the local Resource Conservation District.  Tom is an agriculture consultant, living in Corvallis, OR and coming down to help on the farm in the busy season.  

Michelle Harris: Jim's wife and mother to Elizabeth, Clayton, & Peter. Michelle grew up in Scott Valley and met Jim at Etna High School. She is a registered dietician, working to educate Siskiyou County youth on healthy nutrition while implementing critical programs to further health initiatives across the region.

Jill Harris: Preston's wife and mother to Kory, Molly, and Adeline. Jill grew up in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and met Preston at Oregon State University while studying early childhood development.  Jill is in the last phases of finishing up nursing school and is excited to begin her career as a nurse.

Niki Harris: Rich's wife and mother to Oscar and Sam. Niki grew up outside of Portland and met Rich at Oregon State University.  She handles the sales and marketing for Four Brothers Heritage Farms and also works at the Siskiyou County Economic Development Council.

Julia Harris: Tom's wife and mother to Hannah. Julia grew up outside of Eugene, Oregon and met Tom while the two were living in the same apartment complex in Corvallis, walking their look-alike Australian Shepherds.  Julia is a life skills teacher in the Central school district, working as an elementary special education teacher.

Michelle and Jim Fam.jpg

Michelle, Clayton, elizabeth, peter, & jim

Niki Rich Fam.jpg

rich, oscar, niki, & sam


jill, kory, preston, molly, & addi

Julia and Tom.jpg

tom, julia, & Hannah